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Freelance Website Designer

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FCW is keeps in stride with the changes to demands of the internet. Implementing our knowledge to our clients websites. From existing websites to the new website designs, continued updating is a must to keep your website in competitive running. FCW has the information and knowledge to develop or redesign a web site "up to date" design. We are experienced personnel ready to develop in ASP, Flash, HTML, PHP, Java Script, .Net, SQL, and more FCW team can edit with notepad, FrontPage or Macromedia MX Studio. This includes database design connecting to a website or secure local area network. Our project management team can develop a plan to company your web site on the internet. Contact us or submit the form to get more information or a competitive price package for your web site. See Our Latest Designs and judge our quality yourself. Our goal is to design a quality website for each of our clients. With the unlimited varieties of packages that can be proposed we express that you research and up to date costs for your particular business needs. Proposals with complete layout and structure available for packages listed below immediately by calling 408-600-1357 or contact us here.   Web Site Design Key Benefits
  •  Complete developed reports available for each submission
  •  Certified personnel 
  •  Step by step planning and analysis
  •  Licensed software
  •  Experienced designers
  •  Unique designs or templates available for every client

Some Available Options

  • Custom "Content Manager" with almost unlimited control see an example here.

    • Content manager can be added to any website and the costs are determined by the content control the website owner requires.
  • FTP, HTML or Email Statistical information and reports of critical data.
  • Have your own independent hosting VERY VERY IMPORTANT !!! Call

How much is this per page? This is dependant on the contract and the type of content management you wish to have on your website. The more the content management added to your website the bigger the savings in the long run as opposed to no content management that will be needing continued company from a website designer that may be charging up to $75.00 per hour for un experienced design work. Instead have a dynamic website that can be immediately updated using a content manager.

Any questions you may contact us here or use our FAQ page. Content manager can be added to any website and the costs are determined by the control the owner requires.