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Meta Tag and Code Design

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We have various ways to improve your websites search engine availability. First step is to verify your code is correct for search engines to find your website. Not only does your first page needs coded also does every other page you have to get every page properly indexed to the world wide web. If you are not sure if your code is correct you may contact us and we will examine your websites code. If your website is already published you can see how you rank with our ranking reports. Once you have determined your standings on the internet we can develop a plan to maximize your internet presence. We have devised some implemented search engine placement packages.

One of the most powerful reports we have available to any website is our detailed analysis report on how your site can be improved and giving you a percentage grading on your websites design. This is most advanced report available for the beginning website developers and any company unsure of their websites correctness. Not only do we report what's wrong we also inform you on how to fix and repair any errors or missing code. Thus saving you $100's or $1000's and also countless hours of complex work. Giving you the information to fix it yourself or hire an consultant knowing what's wrong with your website.

As technology changes so does the accessibility of the handicapped is also improved. We company the development of accessible websites to the handicapped. We are well informed on the 508 Accessibility benefits and can build a complete report detailing what your site may be missing to allow the impaired to view your site completely. These reports can be posted on our website on a private protect location or e mailed. Due to the completeness of an analysis report we are not available to show you an example. The reports will give detailed information on how you can fix and increase your availability on the internet while making it viewable to the disabled individuals.

Code repair and implementations

Code repair is based on by the job or contract requirements.

Free second report after your website repairs have been made to confirm your Meta Tagging design is optimized!

Detailed meta tagging analysis report, one URL page Analysis report of your website meta tagging one year/quarterly report per URL.

508 Accessibility Options 508 Accessibility implement one URL webpage

508 Accessibility Code Repair with our without our Detailed tagging analysis report, one URL page.

508 Accessibility analysis meta tagging report one year/quarterly report per URL page.

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