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  • FTP, HTML or Email Statistical information and reports of critical data.
  •  No violations of submitting
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Linking Websites To the World Wide Web

Of course a website search using a domain name will be found but is it found using over 500 different words and phrases month here is a site that does, WHY? FCW has programming experience to get websites listed to top level placement. We have been observing various studies on the factors of proper website registration/submission . The information that has been compiled shows a site that is not meta tagged will have little to no traffic (unique visitors). Meta tagging a site in properly will get some additional targeted traffic. FCW is implementing cutting edge programming to improve search engine placement achieving top listings from proven targeted words. From specialty items to common goods there is a way to get the attention of the clients targeted. Design or re-designing meta tags FCW will register your site with using our most recent programming. This can  total up to over 675,000 separate postings every month. These sites include, Google, Hotbot, Yahoo, MSN , AOL and more!! This information can be gathered for your viewing at the end of every submittal process.  For less then $3 a month you can have the advantages of our submissions experience. Submit me now!