Rogue Amazon AWS IP addresses? or Not Rogue Amazon AWS IP addresses?
Rogue Amazon AWS IP addresses? or Not Rogue Amazon AWS IP addresses?
Working on a clients server and see a DOS basically from

Amazon AWS IP addresses....

Followed all the rules to filter the attack out ridding most all bad bots. What is the annoying this is everything done by the rules to block and yet

Amazon AWS IP addresses

are bypassing ignoring no follows. Too many ip address to filter them as they will just push it to a different IP.   SERIOUSLY is

Amazon AWS IP addresses becoming the Walmart's of the internet?

Destroying the ones that are little and no means to stop the ongoing DOS!!! Completely getting sites shutdown is this on purpose is this an attack from your competition? A fake SEO bot disguising as an

Amazon AWS Bot?

  Serious questions and curious if anyone else seen how

Amazon AWS IP addresses run rogue destroying the smaller websites?

My opinion if your website is database driven you will be swamped out slow or on a virtual restart in minutes to hours. I designed some secrets in slowing them down. Next stop is to create a action back at the rogue bots. Some ideas in the making! AMAZON 1.0 is worst i have seen. Maybe good for the industries that pay millions but not for the mom pop business trying to get their word out with bad website designers. That's just my opinion of 25 years Website Development and SEO Developer.

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