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You may have already designed built and published your website but is the marketing applied correctly for the potential customers. Even when a website correctly meta tagged there is still work to be done. Many major search engines may take up to 3 months for proper listings. This does include sub sequence changes following the same run time. To make website changes more readily found on the Internet even within 48 hours of updates or postings of articles. FCW would recommend our marketing package that includes you to all Top Level Domain\'s \"TLD\'s\". It is a wise investment not just a pay per click setup.. Our Programming Design Techniques if added manually may cost a business over $250.00 per month not including payroll. Pay less then half of that using FCW\'s packaged e-commerce marketing plan. Want to be a sponsored website on Google? There are the pay per click sites that may range in different prices determined by the words used and the company you buy from. FCW is integrated with Google to run many types of top level words to find any website #1 in seconds on google as a sponsored website. FCW can research your prime words for optimum targeting client\'s on Google. Not sure on rank status of a website, any website! Find out the ranking status of any website with our ranking reports. If you are a website owner, the statistics page should be available. This will give you information needed to determine word usage and page design ideas. The statistics should give you daily, monthly, and yearly activity information. This activity ranges from words and phrases used to find your website to the websites that are adding you to their own lists known as \"Posting\". We list our web site designs to 675,000 sites using our application FCW filters all junk mail from the postings unless requesting review of 10,000+ electronic responses per week. Adding any website to all the major search engine\'s along with 1000\'s of other qualified search engines.

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