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Research & Design
A perfect software design is unbreakable!

Our programmers can facilitate all programming platforms for each clients system requirements. There are infinite variations on developing a software application. While our team is developing software we continually communicate with the client giving up to date information during each keystone step. We develop programs determining most optimum platform for your business needs allowing you to get the most functional uses out of your investment. One of many useful tools of a website is the database. With proper programming a database warehouse on our reliable server or a remote location. With proper programming any website gets added life and availability for continued growth. This makes the dynamics of any website a most powerfully tool ready for your statistic evaluations. The tools are endless and FCW can facilitate software and hardware interfacing.

Some of our software our team has designed.

  • Website Content Manager - Allowing any website infinite control of the website content from the graphics to HTML programming website control management. Many available filtering methods for example keeping your administrators from using unauthorized words or phrases. This is most useful for product control, calendars, newsletters, guest books and much more. No need for expensive editor programs or a website designer hourly pay.

  • EZShop E-Commerce Website Builder - Building an E-Commerce website is easy and free. In minutes a business can list services and products using their own paypal account or using our default secure merchant account.
  • Quad Browser - Built to view 4 separate website's in one browser hence the "Quad Browser", add the quad browser to your website.
  • Instant Banner Installer - You already own a website and want to add the many banners that are being sent to you by a banner exchange. Just copy and paste your code to the browser ready page and you have added the banner to your website instantly. No need for expensive editor programs or a website designer hourly pay. If you want to see a actual working copy see our banner exchange ready to add your banner to our website today. Update Add Delete banners live!
  • Snippets - A program wrote to store code that is used often. Many valuable short cut methods and functions saved and editable. Image examples coming soon call us for more details.
  • Scheduler - A human resources program that controls employee schedules, client billing and much more. Image examples coming soon call us for more details.
  • EZ Player - Playing mp3's and CD's. Contact us for more details.
  • Badger - It's a very basic program that allows the user to look up subjects and obtain information on either contacting the expert on the subject or visiting a web page with information on the subject. It has a user management system that required a user to log in to edit the data contained by the program. Contact us for more details.
  • Mail Retriever - log's into an e-mail account, retrieves XML data from the e-mails, and exports that data to an Access database. Contact us for more de tails..
  • FCW Shopping Cart - Allowing the owner to interface with any merchant account securely with many features for the users interface. Contact us for more details.

We have software developed to fit the large and small business's contact us with your request we will reply to all requests within 24 hours.
Our work is proprietary to the clients we can design project management software for both small and large business application.

What we can do to benefit your software designs.

  •  Top level language company.

  •  Programming to your requirements.

  •  Design of patent technology since 1984.

  •  Company interaction throughout development of  programs.

  •  Experienced professionals in programming.

  •  Publication of instructional media.

  •  Quality control evaluation in every keystone step

  •  Proper documentation for complete ownership and copyright protections

Contracts can be proposed by the job or hourly rates at 30.00 per hour.

Any questions you may contact us here or use our FAQ page.
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