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pending loan agreement with marc -Turk
pending loan agreement with marc -Turk

Pending = Agreement

**** This is not a = contract*****


1.       = Interest Rate 36% based on yearly. =

2.       = Securing his primary home with restaurant = business attached located in Maryhomes subdivision as = collateral.

3.       = First 12 months cap payment monthly to 15,000 = per month. After 12th month payments will be based on balance = due and interest rate base in 36 month schedule. Totaling to a 48 month = loan.

4.       = Home owners insurance

a.       = Acct #

b.      In = who’s name

c.       = Lapse of insurance timeline and remedy  = 7days to remedy lapse of insurance coverage of house. On day 8 is = default loan agreement.

5.       = Start date of payments of loan. Feb = 8th 2022 and thereafter on 8th of every month with = a 7 day grace period to pay.

a.       = After 7 day period a 3% monthly penalty fee of = outstanding monthly payment due(s).

b.      = 3rd consecutive non-payment will be = considered default on loan agreement.

6.       = Payment can be made in cash or bank account = Jerry Granada will open.

7.       = Exact loan amount at this time. 962,834.64 + = 20,000 attorney’s fees (2) + 5K monetary transfer fees =3D = 987,834.64 Peso PH. + any processing fees not aware of at this = time.

a.       = Early payment penalty 6% of outstanding balance = plus fees occur for processing..


Note to Atty. Joselita P. = Macaldo – The premises of this agreement is, to sell a secondary = home he inherited to pay the loan in full. Marc has not supplied me with = taxes costs outstanding or any other fees at this time. So this most = likely will change once he responds with those costs.


Referencing to the = following links for my determinations of numbers above.


https://www.moneymax.ph/personal-loan/articles/personal-loan-lo= w-interest

https://www.moneymax.ph/personal-loan/articles/personal-loan-ch= arges-fees


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