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Why Disaster Recovery Plans

All business's must have a disaster recovery plan insuring continued operations after a natural or unplanned networking server disaster.

The most important software application for all business's is the accounting programs. Knowing the countless hours and years of applied information and the costs of replacing the entered information can take months or even be completely lost. FCW's disaster recovery plan will guard against loss of data on a daily basis. From one computer to a complete network server, feel safe with FCW.

  • Are you a business that feels that they are well protected with the data you have by backing up inside your computer? False feelings!
    • You are risking hard drive failure that will loss all data including the backup
  • Do I need a server? Maybe!
    • If more then 4 computers it may be advised but you may be able run a domain with existing hardware. Big $$$$ savings
  • Do you have a remote back up of your computers information?
    • Remote chance of a natural disaster, theft or vandalism that may lead to the loss of all your important data and accounting information.
  • Is your back up password protected?
    • Avoiding unauthorized personal into backup resources.
  • Who will restore the data when a disaster occurs?
    • Ready software and documental recovery process .
  • Is the backup hardware secure under lock and key?
    • We can store your backup here ready for overnight shipping to your location.

We can answer your questions and assure you in the future decisions on the back up plans for your business.

This plan includes complete literature on the steps in the recovery and backing up of your system.

Follow our guidelines in the back up procedure and your guaranteed to have available information backed up daily, with remote storage save and sound.

Our Prices start at 299.00 including all hardware and software. Ready to ship within 24 hours of purchase.


*Starting costs based on local sales and travel and will vary judging distance of travel. Contact Us for more details for your disaster recovery plan.

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